Equipment delivery date
Collaborating entity
Profesor Novoa Santos Foundation
Training courses carried out since it opened (2009)
Students who have participated since it opened (2009)
Total investment
€950 thousand
Direct impact
ODS: 03
ODS: 04
ODS: 09
Complementary impact
ODS: 11

Technology Training Center

Health care area

The Amancio Ortega Foundation has funded the equipment of the Medical Training Technology Center of A Coruña (CTF).

The goal of the CTF is to offer Spanish and foreign health care professionals simulation-based learning that ensures high-quality care and patients’ safety. Amancio Ortega Foundation’s involvement in its activity has allowed CTF to acquire state-of-the-art technology such as clinical virtual reality simulators and simulators of advanced techniques like radiology, anaesthesiology and microsurgery.

Able to train up to 60 students simultaneously, one of CTF’s main goals is to prepare health care professionals who perform their duties in the Spanish public health care system with the support of specialists from the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario A Coruña. Their participation in CTF’s activities allows them to put into practice their knowledge and acquire the skills needed to manage real clinical situations, which strengthens the quality and safety of the medical services that reach all citizens, guaranteeing all of them equal benefits.