Fundación Amancio Ortega
Cantón Grande nº 4
15003, La Coruña, España

+34 981 18 55 96

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The Amancio Ortega Foundation does not provide lines of financing for private initiatives. The organisation runs its own projects and initiatives together with leading third-sector organisations and in close collaboration with public administrations.

Please specify the social field in which the organisation works (youth, health care and social work, education, children, the elderly, etc.). Please note that the Amancio Ortega Foundation does not have budget items dedicated to the promotion of events, organisation of events, sponsorship, provision of material or other activities to promote the activities of third parties.

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Press enquiries:

Amancio Ortega Gaona, founder, and Flora Pérez Marcote, the Foundation’s Chairwoman, do not have social media profiles and they do not carry out activities on social networks. They do not make any investment recommendations or carry out fundraising actions; they do not request for economic contributions, or any other kind of support. Both of them do not maintain any public conversations regarding social or philanthropic initiatives, business actions or any other kind of activities, neither in his name, nor in the name of the entities or companies they own or those in which they participate.