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A cookie is a file that is downloaded on your computer, smartphone, tablet or electronic device when you access to certain websites. Cookies are necessary to facilitate your browsing and improve your experience within this Website.

There are different types of cookies:

  • Depending on how long they remain on your device, they can be either session cookies (once the browser is closed, they are lost forever and the information cannot be recovered) or persistent cookies (despite closing the browser, the cookie remains until its expiration date so that the information they store can be accessed during that period of time).
  • Depending on their origin, they can be first party cookies (if they’re downloaded through the Website) or third party cookies (if they’re downloaded as a consequence of browsing the Website but not from the Website).
  • Depending on their purpose, there are several categories. Broadly speaking, there are technical cookies (they allow the functioning of the Website), preference or personalisation cookies (they enable to adapt the Website to the users’ preferences), analytic cookies (they enable to analyse the browsing habits and behaviour of the user on the Website) and marketing cookies (they allow to obtain information on preferences and behaviour to display personalised marketing content).

Below you may find detailed information on the cookies that are used on the Website:


We use Google Analytics to understand the visitors’ interaction with the Website. This means that when you visit the Website, your browser automatically sends certain data to Google. This comprises, for example, the electronic address of the web you’re visiting and your IP address. You may find more details clicking on the following link

Third party: Google
Up to two years

Besides choosing your preferences with regards to the use of this type of cookies through the management tool offered on the Website, if you do not wish Google Analytics to be used through your browser you may install Google Analytics browser plug-in by clicking here.

These are analytic cookies.

We use first party cookies to adapt the content of the Website to the user’s language preferences.

First party

These are preference or personalisation cookies.

We use first party cookies to record your preferences and settings with regards to the use of cookies in the Website.

First party

These are preference or personalisation cookies.

We use first party cookies to manage urgent notices from the Website.

First party

These are technical cookies.

Your consent is necessary for us to use cookies (except those that are technical or necessary to adapt the Website to your preferences). You may choose, on a granular basis (at least, per category of cookies) which cookies you consent to. You may withdraw your consent anytime or modify your preferences with regards to the use of cookies.