Start date
Beneficiary entity
Spanish Federation of Food Banks
End date
Participating centres
56 associated food banks
Food given out annually
+ 150 tonnes
Beneficiaries per year
+ 1.5 million people
Regular volunteers
+ 2,900
Distribution of the investment
Payment of running costs (18%), purchasing machinery and industrial vehicles (27%), remodelling and improving the warehouses (42%), occupational risk prevention and IT developments (13%)
Total investment
€4 million
Direct impact
ODS: 02
Complementary impact
ODS: 03

Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL, Spanish abbr.)

Social area

At the end of 2014 and while simultaneously renewing its commitment to Caritas Spain, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, 2012 Prince of Asturias Award winner, signed an agreement with the Amancio Ortega Foundation which endowed four million euros to carry out important improvements in the technical infrastructures of the federation’s 56 food banks, its organizational structure and the professionalisation of its management.

FESBAL has been able to purchase material needed for its activity (computer equipment, cold stores, vehicles, etc.). It has also been able to convert or buy storage warehouses. In addition, part of the donation went to implementing the Occupational Risks Project (PRL, Spanish abbr.) for the volunteers and employees of the different banks and to developing the Tribal Programme, whose objective is to improve the digitalised management and organisation of the stock of food.

The 56 food banks that are part of FESBAL serve 1.5 million people each year through over 8,800 NGOs and 3,200 regular volunteers.