Start date
End date
Participating educational centres
Training hours
+ 40,000 (between 20 and 40 hours per teacher per year)
Participating professors
+ 200
Participating students
+ 2,700
Type of equipment installed
+ 1,250 computers and over 50 digital boards
Total investment
€8.9 million
Direct impact
ODS: 04
Complementary impact
ODS: 07
ODS: 09
ODS: 11

Ponte dos Brozos

Educational area

Developed in collaboration with the city council of Arteixo (A Coruña), for over a decade the Ponte dos Brozos Project made it possible for students and teachers from high schools in the area to participate in a comprehensive international training program, which enabled the implementation of new educational practices linked to opportunities made available thanks to technology.

This methodological update was accompanied and supported by the installation of new technological equipment in the classrooms: a base infrastructure of Wi-Fi networks and servers was created, computer stations were set up in nursery and primary school classrooms, each student in secondary and compulsory secondary education was given a laptop and electronic boards and projectors were set up in all the classrooms. The Ponte dos Brozos project went beyond the purely academic realm by creating a public centre in Arteixo offering services related to technology and computer skills training.

Currently, the educational centers linked to the Ponte dos Brozos Project are leaders in the use of technological tools at schools and they have a teacher staff recognized on a national level for their contribution to designing innovative teaching techniques.