Farming Techniques Training Project Tanzania Southern Highlands

Educational area

The Tanzania Highlands project, developed in collaboration with Agronomists Without Borders, has led to the incorporation of a cooperative to operate a post-harvest treatment and product storage platform that supports 6,000 people and extends the scope of its influence to 30,000 indirect beneficiaries in the Pawaga area. The programme is based on the idea that the best way to fight poverty and hunger in farming communities is to offer families the best training possible in farming and ranching techniques.

With this model as a reference, the Highlands project has been extended to the district of Kilolo where farming, ranching and fruit growing are its residents’ main supply sources. Based on the technical training given both by Spanish agronomists and local professionals, the next achievement of the project will be to achieve self-management and sustainability in Kilolo, the same way it has been done in Pawaga. And in the future, to keep expanding these efficient farming work experiences to other areas of the country.

Quick facts
    Start date
    Collaborating entity
    Agronomists Without Borders Foundation
    End date
    Number of beneficiaries
    5,000 participants in training courses and 30,000 direct beneficiaries of the activity
    Total investment
    €1.4 million
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