Quick facts
    Date of completion
    2017/2018 course
    Collaborating entities
    University of Ottawa, Queen’s University (Kensington) and the Ottawa-Carleton School District
    Participating professors
    50 per edition
    Spanish universities teachers are from
Specialisations of the teachers participating in the Master in Teacher Training
Visual and Fine Arts, Biology and Geology, Physical Education, Philosophy, Physics and Chemistry, Geography and History, Spanish Language and Literature, Foreign Language: English, Foreign Language: French, Music and Educational Guidance
Total investment
€2 million
Sustainable Development Goals / Agenda 2030
Main impact
Objetivo 4: Garantizar una educación inclusiva, equitativa y de calidad y promover oportunidades de aprendizaje durante toda la vida para todos
Complementary impact
Objetivo 9: Industria, Innovación e Infraestructuras

Teacher Training Program

Educational area

During the 2017/2018 school year, the Amancio Ortega Foundation carried out a pilot training experience for teachers that allowed 50 newly qualified teachers to live in Canada for an academic year. They learned more about teaching, they perfected their command of English and they directly spent time in the Canadian educational world at real centers. The content of the program was specifically designed by Canadian educational authorities from the Ottawa-Carleton district and the Amancio Ortega Foundation with the collaboration of Canadian university centers (University of Ottawa and Queen’s University). Once the academic module was completed, the participants became part of the faculty at a public centre in the district of Ottawa (Ontario) for four months, actively participating in the academic life of the centers.

Currently, reflecting its nature as a pilot program, the Amancio Ortega Foundation is evaluating the development and results of the Teacher Training Programme together with the rest of the collaborating entities.

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