Quick facts
Start date
Beneficiary entity
Caritas Spain
End date
Participating centres
2,000 Caritas parishes and 150 specialised centres
158,800 families / 500,000 people
Types of intervention
Basic needs (food, clothing, shoes); health, hygiene, baby care; housing (water, gas and electricity supply, rent, small repairs); education (books and school material) and transport
Total investment
€40 million
Sustainable Development Goals / Agenda 2030
Main impact
Objetivo 1: Poner fin a la pobreza en todas sus formas en todo el mundo
Objetivo 2: Poner fin al hambre, lograr la seguridad alimentaria y la mejora de la nutrición y promover la agricultura sostenible
Objetivo 3: Garantizar una vida sana y promover el bienestar para todos en todas las edades
Complementary impact
Objetivo 4: Garantizar una educación inclusiva, equitativa y de calidad y promover oportunidades de aprendizaje durante toda la vida para todos

Caritas Spain

Social area

In 2012, the Amancio Ortega Foundation carried out a large-scale action in the field of social welfare motivated by the difficult situation that many families were going through as a result of the impact of the financial crisis.

The agreement with Caritas Spain, endowed with 20 million euros in 2012 which was increased by another 20 million euros in 2014, met the basic needs such as housing services (electricity and water supply, monthly rent, etc.), food and pharmaceutical and school expenses of over 250,000 homes in a precarious situation for five years. During this period, Caritas was able to provide accommodation for, care for and accompany 158,000 families.

In the collaboration with the Amancio Ortega Foundation, the entire Caritas confederation in Spain participated: 68 Caritas diocesans, 2,000 Caritas parishes and 150 specialized centers throughout Spain.

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