Social Purpose

Since the year 2001 the Amancio Ortega Foundation has set in motion projects which favor the career development of people by means of the following social fields:

Cultura educativa image

Educational culture

Driving change with the use of new educational instruments and encouraging access to knowledge

Infancia y juventud image

Childhood and youth

Placing students in the core of the learning process strengthening their skills

Apoyo institucional image

Institutional support

Contributing to guide the endeavors of institutions dedicated to the underprivileged sectors of society

Sociedad/Persona image

Society / Person

Improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries, and providing solutions, through equal opportunities


The Amancio Ortega Foundation identifies and carries out its projects essentially in the field of Education and Social Work, allocates the experience and resources and conducts follow-up on their deployment.


Important: The President and Founder Amancio Ortega Gaona has no profiles or perform any activity on social networks.

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