With its actions, the Fundación Amancio Ortega seeks to support a society with better opportunities for all people, contributing to the creation of a social fabric based on individual growth and favouring access to situations of greater well-being, especially for the most vulnerable.

In this task, the Fundación Amancio Ortega wants to contribute the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from the 2030 Agenda in the areas where carries out its activity. In line with its mission, the foundation is oriented towards the goals set out in the United Nations Declaration that directly affect people.

The entire body of the SDG plan, adopted by all countries, reflects the universal nature of this challenge, which requires the commitment of all in order to benefit everyone. The Fundación Amancio Ortega assumes its role in this challenge by focusing its actions within the framework of six SDGs:

  • Goal 1: No Poverty
  • Goal 2: Zero Hunger
  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals